Friday, 30 March 2018

Biggest Dental Conference

Pulsus Conference is Delighted to present the Biggest Dental conference to the World on 17&18th of September 2018. Amsterdam is all set and blessed to receive the experts in Dental Field from all over the world. With the enigmatic keynote speeches and presentation, exhibition and symposiums it is a one big treat for the preachers of Dental Knowledge and Researchers.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Registration is out for Euro Dentistry 2018 .
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Oral health is one of the most neglected areas of global health, yet 90% of people have had dental problems or toothache caused by caries and severe periodontitis affects up to 15%. Oral cancer is the eighth most common cancer worldwide, and the most common in men in South East Asia. In the Philippines, as many as 97% of six-year-old have dental caries. The related pain and sepsis affect a child’s ability to eat, sleep, concentrate resulting in a host of problems from school absenteeism to malnutrition. Access to oral care is a major problem: Germany and the UK have one dentist per 1,000 population, low-income and middle-income countries have one dentist per 50,000 people, but in some sub-Saharan African countries the ratio is only one per 900,000 people. 
Despite great achievements in oral health of populations globally, problems still remain in many communities all over the world - particularly among under-privileged groups in developed and developing countries. Dental caries and periodontal diseases have historically been considered the most important global oral health burdens. At present, the distribution and severity of oral diseases vary among different parts of the world and within the same country or region. The significant role of socio-behavioural and environmental factors in oral disease and health is evidenced in an extensive number of epidemiological surveys.

Euro Dentistry 2018 is accredited by CME.There is no holding back us now.  Best Dental conference around the corner is waiting for you. H...